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E-mailed: 5/24/2012 2:25 PM
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System Account
SSW Database feedback from Jill Molee

Items I see as needing updates:


Administration > Users


·         We need two columns with First Name and Last Name

·         What does Type mean? Some have UNC

·         When assigning a role do we have to click Active again?

·         Is the UserName the Onyen

·         I am not sure what to do with the Semester Calendars and Feedback tabs.

·         I think the Test Scores can be on the first tab with Student information with Undergrad Institution name

·         Test scores that we need: GRE – percentage verbal, quantitative, writing; GRE – Score verbal, quantitative, writing; TOEFL – Score Listen, Reading, Writing, Essay; TOEFL – percentage Listen, Reading, Writing, Essay;

·         Personnel tab should be with Plan of Study to assign Faculty Advisor



Student Services > Students



·         We need a UNC e-mail: _______________  and a Personal e:mail _____________________

·         The UNC e-mail is the one linked to the e-mail students function and should be the one displayed on top of screen with PID/Name/Phone & E-mail.

·         The  first tab with Student can it indicate somewhere which cohort the student is in i.e.: Advanced Standing





Jillian Sorger Molee

Student Services Manager

Employee Forum Delegate


Recruitment, Admissions & Financial Aid

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

School of Social Work

325 Pittsboro St. CB 3550

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3550

Office: 919-962-6442

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