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Work Items: Unit creation: region and status fields do not populate correctly

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Bug - fix a bug in the system


Unit creation:  region and status fields do not populate correctly


Home > Field Education > Agencies > Edit  When creating a new unit (e.g., for testing purposes, I tried to create a new unit for "A Child's Hope"), on the unit's "General" tab, the "region" did not import correctly from the parent Agency; and, the status (active or inactive) did not populate correctly from the agency.


2. First Release - Want it if time permits




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Region cannot be copied from agency since regions set for each unit induvidually and one agency can have units in multiple regions. Was not designed to copy Unit status from Agency Status
8/29/2013:  While it is true that each unit can be in a place different from their agency, in general this is not the norm.  So, it is beneficial to have the the unit's region DEFAULT (and be overrideable) to the agency's region.  Regarding the copying of the agency's status to the unit's status, given that it is not consistent with the underlying software design, can you quantify approximately how long it would take to implement such?
Without further clarification, it appears that this item merits remaining "Oopen" (reverting from the "Fixed" state); but, given that it is about a default value and that the underlying functionality appears to exist, I am changing the "Release" from "1. First Release - need it now" to "2. First Release - want it if time permits." - LJR (08/29/13)
Discussed with Oleg and Rebecca and agreed to close. - ljr (10/23/13)

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Version: 1.0
Created at 8/23/2013 5:06 PM by Michael Stealey
Last modified at 10/23/2013 11:50 AM by Larry Rosenfeld