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Work Items: Agency creation: For "Country" field, provide dropdown of possible values

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Bug - fix a bug in the system


Agency creation:  For "Country" field, provide dropdown of possible values


Home > Field Education > Agencies > Create, "General" tab  For "Country" field (here and elsewhere), can a dropdown of allowable countries be provided instead of a text field -- to minimize typos, etc.  (Tangentially, on the Agencies' search screen, the "Country" provided values include several non-countries:  "Cabarrus", "Durham", "Wake" -- presumably this is a problem with the existing data, yes?  If, however, this data is drawn from other than existing data, then can it be better populated?)


2. First Release - Want it if time permits




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Fix assessed and found that described problem remains uncorrected. Thus, the "Issue Status" has been reverted to "Open." In addition, re-assessed priority: changed from "1. First Release - Need it now" to "2. First Release - Want it if time permits". (8/28/13) - LJR

Still no pulldown as described above. just a text-field defaulted to "United States." Is the idea that this is "working as designed"? If so, please insert a comment, something along the lines of "silly mortal, you do not know what you want, I give you a text box and you should be grateful. Next time, read my mind." But, until such explication, I'm re-Opening this as the described fix remains unimplemented. - ljr 10/2/13

Still no pulldown visible on my display for the "Country" field of a new Agency. Attached a screen capture with the pertinent field highlighted in yellow. Re-opened. - ljr 10/14/13

OLEG: I just tried this again and cannot recreate this, I see attached screen 10/15/13

This problem still exists. The desire is for a pulldown menu that would *restrict* the user's ability to enter incorrect values in this field. (For instance, it appears users in the past have entered COUNTY names, not COUNTRY names, which of course can louse up reports, searches, etc.) What currently happens is that, as the user types in some letters (e.g., "ru") then a number of names (e.g., Aruba, Brunei, etc.) are suggested; but there is nothing that prevents a user from typing in "Chapel Hill" or "Pasquotank"). We'd like a pull-down (or perhaps another word is more appropriate) here listing all possible countires, just as there is currently a pull-down for "State" that restricts entries to appropriate and correctly spelled state names. Re-opened. - ljr 1/23/2014

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Version: 1.0
Created at 8/23/2013 5:06 PM by Michael Stealey
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