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Work Items: Placement Information Report [renamed: Field Office Liaison Assignments]

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Placement Information Report [renamed: Field Office Liaison Assignments]


Oleg - the reports are awesome.. I am loving going through them. On the placement information report - faculty is showing up as a field (in addition to field faculty name), I don't think we need it. Also, can we add the accepting student's statuses (yes, no, no response) as both a filter and a column? Also, field faculty names should appear as a drop down under field faculty - while also having the option for "all" Can we title this report Field Office Liaison Assignments. RBB


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OLEG: I think we will need to discuss this report further since I cannot add accepting student status here and I dont see faculty field, may be I am doing this report wrong This is a multi-part item and most of the parts have been successfully implemented. Thus, I'm downgrading this work item from "1. First Release - need it now" to "2. First Release - want if time permits." (Feel free to move this to "Requires Discussion" or something else if more appropriate, of course :-) ) The parts that have been completed are: 1. The report has been renamed to "Field Office Liaison Assignments". 2. Faculty is no longer showing up as a field. 3. The "Accepting Students Status" column (named "StudentStatus") has been added. The parts that appear to still need work are: 4. "Accepting Students" is not a filter. 5. Field Faculty is not a dropdown box with an "All" option (although, by default, leaving the textbox blank is equivalent to specifying "All"). So, this work item's "Release" has been downgraded and the item is re-opened. - ljr 12/5/13

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