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Work Items: home/changeaccount/<e-mail-address> not working for Field Faculty

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Bug - fix a bug in the system


home/changeaccount/<e-mail-address> not working for Field Faculty


Typing in into the browser URL should allow one to then mimic the SSWISS views for the associated account (in this case, Ronnie Zuckerman). Instead, SSWISS identifies the user as the current developer and reduces the left-hand navigation menu to two items. This is true whenever the identified account's e-mail address is associated with FIELD FACULTY (such as Wanda Reives, Ronnie Zuckerman, etc.) This prevents us from being able to test out SSWISS from the Field Faculty perspective.


2. First Release - Want it if time permits




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OLEG: I could not recreate this issue. Account was changed succesfully 10/7/13: When I attempt to use changeaccount/ (that is, to a Field Faculty account), I repeatedly get "Sorry, an unexpected occurred while processing your request"; I am unable to see any SSWISS-related displays unless I use the resetaccount mechanism to return to my own account. So, I'm re-opening this bug. - LJR This problem still recurs *IF* the administrator does *NOT* have "Developer" status. Once I was given "developer" status, this works. If I then remove developer status (via Administration->Users) then the aforementioned bug appears. (A newly discovered symptom is that, when this bug occurs, the e-mail address specified in the changeaccount-string gets inserted into my account's "Username" field.) Since this can now work for me and since we plan to use totally fabricated accounts during testing, I'll change this item's "Release" to "2" while re-opening it, with the hope that non-developer admins will sometime be also able to use this feature. - ljr 10/14/13

Verified that the problem does not recur. Closed. - ljr 1/23/14

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Version: 1.0
Created at 9/25/2013 11:24 AM by Larry Rosenfeld
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