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Work Items: Student View - Field Education - Search for Field Placements

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Student View - Field Education - Search for Field Placements


Under Available Column Students should see Yes, No , or No Response (Accepting Students) and NOT the numerical availability. Field Faculty and Administrators in their views need to see both responses to Accepting Students AND Availability. Remember that if there has been no data entered for Accepting Students it defaults to no response. RBB


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Well, for better or worse, this Work Item has three tasks identified and, while the first two are done, the third is not. Specifically, students do now see "no response" and not numbers under availability, and administrators do see numbers under "available," but administrators (at least *this* administrator) do not also see "Accepting Students" as a column. Perhaps I misunderstand the description -- if so, just let me know (and I apologize for my error). Based on my understanding though, I'm re-opening this Work Item. - LJR 9/26/13 OLEG: The problem with adding "Yes", "No" and "No Response" is that this data collected per Instructor and this screen display aggregate infomration of multiple FI. For example if there are 3-4 FI asigned to the same agency, do I show same agency 3-4 times with response for each instructor or aggregate somehow, let say if at least one said "Yes" then to display "Yes" or perhaps different logic. Will probably need to discuss it more 10/23/13: Discussion with Oleg, Rebecca, Larry. Proposed logic would resemble: * if all field instructors have "no response" then cell will have "no response" * if all field instructors either have "no response" or have responded "no," then cell should have "no response." * if one or more have responded "yes" and others have said "no" or "no response" then have "yes." - ljr confirmed & closed - ljr 12/4/13

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