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Work Items: Admin>Users and Admin>Contacts

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Bug - fix a bug in the system


Admin>Users and Admin>Contacts


1. Under Contacts, I can find Tamara Norris with a Type of Field Instructor, Status is Active, with UNC email address
 2. Under Users, using her Last Name to search, she is not found; Using no names, but with Field Instructor checked, she is still not found
 a. Question: I would have thought that with a Contact Type of Field Instructor, she would have been seen by the system as a User (??)
 i. Is this because I am using a skeleton DB maybe?
 As I work these screens, as I write the documentation these types of things come up. And I need to document how this stuff works together, so if Users are a sub set of Contacts, do Users have to be created separately (as it seems) because giving them a Type has no effect … (am I wrong) – seems like a lot of extra work to make a User and fraught with places to make errors
 3. Under Contacts Create, I can create a name, under General Tab I can check the Type, etc., enter a phone in Phone Tab, but I cannot enter an address under the Address Tab (initially) but if I go back and forth on tabs, the address tab is enabled and I CAN enter an address (it is strange) …
 4. Lastly, under Contacts>Create the ‘Save’ work is not underlined and bold to show consistency with rest of screens and you don’t realize it is active – until you click it and cursor shape does not change to show a clickable link when hovering over 'save'
 I will put this in Bugs DB also. (it is easier to take notes on my laptop whilst I exercise the screen on my home machine (using Safari)


1. First Release - Need it now




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Version: 1.0
Created at 8/23/2013 5:06 PM by Michael Stealey
Last modified at 8/27/2013 11:55 AM by Michael Stealey