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Work Items: Add "Advanced Standing" to "Placement Model" values

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Add "Advanced Standing" to "Placement Model" values


Field Placement Assignment > New, "Field Placement" tab

"Placement Model" field:  (1) Add "Advanced Standing"; and, (2) remove "Both" and "Either"  (NOTE: We *still* need "Both" and "Either" as values for "Placement Model TYPE" under the "Availability" tab of "Field Personnel.)

9/3/2014: It's not clear when this was moved to the "Not an Issue" queue, why or by whom. It's still an issue. For a more recent example, see, e.g., . Re-opened. - ljr 9/3/14


1. First Release - Need it now




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OLEG: Perhaps we need to discuss this. I think the reason it was marked as not an issue because placement mode directly corresponds to placement modes field personnel availability, so those two connected. .. Skype between Oleg and Larry (9/19/2014): Neither of us understand the desire for adding "Advanced Standing" here so Larry will have to talk to Rebecca about this. Also, there is no real difference between "Placement Model" and "Placement Model Type" -- they pull from the same list (just different names). We could create two separate lists (one just has "Concurrent" and "Block"; and, the other adds "Both" and "Either") but then we would have to define internally that when the "Block" filter is selected then we are searching for "Block" and "Both" and "Either" -- and -- in addition, when the "Concurrent" filter is selected then we are searching for "Concurrent" and "Both" and "Either" -- and Oleg is concerned that this makes the code more brittle, more likely to break down the line. So, if this two different lists change is desired, Oleg would like us to explicitly state so here. - ljr 9/19/2014

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Version: 4.0
Created at 8/29/2013 4:23 PM by  
Last modified at 9/19/2014 1:20 PM by Larry Rosenfeld