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No Matter what report you choose, it always desplays Test Report. Image 1(Choosing Test 2): Image 2(After clicking test 2): - Alek
collapse Priority : Low ‎(1)
Check to make sure Type and Role are selected before saving? It would be useful.
collapse Priority : Medium ‎(1)
Whenever you choose details on a report, it gives an error Image:
collapse Category : DataEntry ‎(61)
collapse Priority : High ‎(9)
When viewing a founder, it's not clear how to add a company they helped founded. The work history and education links are present, but not company founded
I'm editing and viewing details and periodically get logged out despite having recently done something. Can the auto log out be less aggressive.
Tried to delete the founder 'Ted Ted' and got an Error message
For the edit/change company address feature on the company details page, we need to give more complete directions. For "change", write "click here to create an address change event after you have typed in the new address. The old address will be automatically saved as a previous address." For edit, write instead "edit current". What if someone wants to edit previous addresses? Can you add a link to this data - "go to previous addresses"?
I selected 'Add patent' on a company in the list of companies. I then filled out the patent information and hit create. I got a page saying 'patent created' and a big red 'error processing' message. It looks like the patent was saved, but I don't know why I got the error
I created a company (test company #1). I then went to create an institution associated with the company (by selecting 'add institution' under the action button that appears when you list the companies'. After filling out the fields for the institution and hitting create I got a big red 'error processing' page.
Its not clear how this is different from institution.
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