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3/13/2013 2:57 PMNo presence informationMichael Stealey




3. Medium
When editing content using multiple Tabs, it would be nice to see what has been done somewhere on the screen as you move between tabs. Currently when you move between tabs updated content remains hidden behind the tab.
3. Medium
Home-PoS-Admin-Content Area: No Page Size control
3. Medium
When you go into any edit (this URL is an example), the side arrow pointer to where you are, disappears
3. Medium
Cursor when placed in First Name field, is not aligned correctly
3. Medium
From this url, click on Edit on any entry. Then, without clicking on Save or Cancel of that entry, click on another edit on a different entry, and screen with expand to full screen.
3. Medium
At this URL, click on a line's edit, and the side bar will collaspe.
3. Medium
On this screen and mothers in the system, PID# is listed as a 'Username' - I submit that 'Username' in column title, should be 'PID#' and also in the results screen, the First Name and Last Name should be listed as it is a search criteris in the top section of the screen.
3. Medium
Admin>Users>Create screen does not have a search field like other screens. Under the General Tab Contact: input field, it is a Drop Down and a manual search has to be done.
3. Medium
On the Personal Tab, there is an 'Ethnicity' field with a drop down containing 'HispanisOrLatino' (need to fix the lack of spaces on this entry and also 'NotApplicable' entry) and the next input field below is labeled 'Hispanic or Latino'. Seems to be duplicate set of information.
3. Medium
I think this page will flow more logically if the Courses and Programs Tab positions are swapped.
3. Medium
Course and Semester Calendar Field Names need a ':' and a space (??) to match 'Course Area: ' Field Name format;
This observation is showing up in the attached screen as well.
3. Medium
I will use PoS as an illustrative example, but the ‘issue’ also shows up across the system, in Field Education, Administration, etc.
Step 1: URL
Step 2: Just below on Left Navigation panel, you see “Search Plan of Studies”. Click on it and now you are at Step 3.
Step 3: URL:
These 2 screens are the same and I think the screen in Step 3 could replace the screen in Step 1 in all cases
– Depending on the Role, this screen will display:
o Student Role: preloaded with that student’s info
o Faculty, Task Supervisor, Field Instructor, Field Faculty Roles: preloaded only with the students that person is associated with
Another observation (I think this is fixed?):
In Field Education, Country Drop-down, County Drop-down, there are entries which are in the wrong Drop-down (ex. Oklahoma is not a County; Durham is not a Country).
Is there a way to select multiple Counties for a search? There are several entries denoting multiple counties but these are ‘fixed’ …. (not sure if this was / is a Requirement or for Release 2) …
3. Medium
Address field names are not consistant
3. Medium
"URL" should, I think, be spelled as "URL" not "Url"
3. Medium
Shouldn't the drop-down be in alphabetical order by Last Name listed?
3. Medium
Error screen shows when Concentrations is selected on Left Nav Bar
3. Medium
When creating a NEW POS form, while creating one, the RED * is not shown in the TABs during the process showing what TAB content has been modified
3. Medium
A Delete ability is needed for the HTML Messaging function.
Am suggesting a Delete word be placed along side the Edit word on this screen - for Admin authority only.
3. Medium
I think each Role should have a Check Box not a Yes or No selection; Student Services is not a Role; Director Role and Field Instructor Roles are missing
3. Medium
Please show the Active Yes/No button and the current state for each entry.
If this function is used you would be able to see at a glance what messaging is being displayed without having to edit each entry.
Also a HTML 'Content' Description Field on the List Screen would be useful as well
BUG (?): The Sort value does not seem to work (if I understand its purpose correctly)
3. Medium
Existing text on Screen:
Nav Link: Administration
 HTML Contents
 Search HTML Contents
 Create HTML Content
Change to the following:
 System Messaging
Enable Existing Messages
Create New Message
 I would also suggest changing the “URL” Tab name to “Screen ID” Tab
Lastly, if you look at what I have placed in the test system, it is defaults for each Home Screen, preloaded with URLs and a ‘Place Holder’ Text Message. I think this should be included as part of the system.
3. Medium
Am using IE - current version, will update this with other browser status:
IE - Drop down arrows initially appear truncated then align correctly after use
Safari - Same as Firefox
Chrome - No Issues
Firefox - Drop down arrows show up as a black down arrow and reappear in a bluish box with field is clicked
3. Medium
Cannot create a NEW consentration as clicking on Content Area or Course or Active allows no editing
3. Medium
When adding / editing a Course entry, the Tabs are not in the same sequence as the POS Admin functions. Specifically, Course Area and Content Area Tabs are reversed when looking at the Nav Screen. Either the Nav Screen or the Tab sequence should be changed, to be consistant.
3. Medium
Courses and Programs Tabs
Both Chrome and IE failed
3. Medium
Had a meeting with Sarah and this was one of the action items to change in system. There are several affected URLs - not sure if what I have here is a complete list. Additionally, Tabs and the Left Side Nav Bar need to change as well:
3. Medium
General Tab - End: field, when drop down is shown the first entry is Spring 1998. I think it should start with the CURRENT Date if the Begin Field is blank, or with the Begin Field Value.
3. Medium
Under the Courses Tab, the Select Course Area dropdown does not work (using Safari)
Same issue on Programs Tab
Problem is same with Firefox
3. Medium
Observed that course 810 was listed in Concentration, yet I was still able to select it and place it in Electives.
Don't think this should be allowed .. if a course is already listed (in use?) and can still be selected and used in Electives.
3. Medium
Results shows many Units and about 50% have an '*' after the name, but no where is there an explaination of what this means
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