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Bugs: Unit creation: region and status fields do not populate correctly

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Unit creation:  region and status fields do not populate correctly

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Home > Field Education > Agencies > Edit When creating a new unit (e.g., for testing purposes, I tried to create a new unit for "A Child's Hope"), on the unit's "General" tab, the "region" did not import correctly from the parent Agency; and, the status (active or inactive) did not populate correctly from the agency.


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Oleg KapeljushnikNo presence information (8/12/2013 4:16 PM): Region cannot be copied from agency since regions set for each unit induvidually and one agency can have units in multiple regions. Was not designed to copy Unit status from Agency Status

Larry RosenfeldNo presence information (7/23/2013 6:24 PM): This is based on "Oleg #9," comment (13).


Version: 2.0
Created at 7/23/2013 6:24 PM by Larry Rosenfeld
Last modified at 8/12/2013 4:16 PM by Oleg Kapeljushnik