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Bugs: During Agency creation, can't save Demographics info

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During Agency creation, can't save Demographics info

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Home > Field Education > Agencies > Edit, Demographics tab After entering "Demographics" responses for a newly created agency (in this case, "Salemtowne Retirement Community"), the bottom-most "Save" button is (expectedly) disabled but there does not appear to be any other "Save" or "Add" or "Update" button. So the demographics information cannot be saved. Secondarily, these field names under "Name" (such as "African American", "Asian", "Female", "Hispanic/Latino", "LGBT", "Male", etc.) appear to be alphabetized. Is this how Rebecca specified them? If not (e.g., if "Female" and "Male" should be contiguous), please use the explicit order that Rebecca specified. (And, if it is supposed to be alphabetized, sorry for the additional query :-) )


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Larry RosenfeldNo presence information (7/23/2013 5:21 PM): This may have as a precursor that data is not already saved under prior tabs (e.g., "Hours"). Once some other tabbed information was saved, the Demographics information appears to have been saved.

Larry RosenfeldNo presence information (7/23/2013 5:05 PM): Found during follow up testing of Rebecca's "Oleg #8" on 7/23/13.


Version: 3.0
Created at 7/23/2013 5:05 PM by Larry Rosenfeld
Last modified at 8/12/2013 4:18 PM by Oleg Kapeljushnik