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Bugs: Agency info disappears when Placement added

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Agency info disappears when Placement added

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Home > Field Education > Field Personnel > Create
For a newly created field instructor, under the "Availability" tab, when information is entered in "Placement Type," "Placement Model Type," and "Student Capacity" and then the "Add" button is clicked, the following fields disappear from the screen:  "Agency," "Unit," "Academic Year," "Student Capacity," and "Accepting Students" and the data appears to be lost.


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Larry RosenfeldNo presence information (7/18/2013 5:58 PM):
This problem occurred repeatedly during testing on 7/17/2013 with Rebecca and Theresa.  On 7/18/2013, this problem recurs -- UNLESS, prior to entering the "Placement Type," "Placement Model Type," and "Student Capacity" fields, the Agency-and-Unit-related information is first "assigned".  So, if this is the case, then this problem can be assessed as being two fold: (1) the on-going generic problem involving testers finding the need to save/assign/add some data before proceeding to other fields to be unexpected and burdensome; and, (2) regardless, if one fails to assign the unit prior to entering the placement-type, the agency-unit-related info should not simply "disapper."


Version: 2.0
Created at 7/18/2013 5:58 PM by Larry Rosenfeld
Last modified at 8/12/2013 4:21 PM by Oleg Kapeljushnik