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Bugs: White Screen when "City" changed on Field Ed. "Units" General-tab

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White Screen when "City" changed on Field Ed. "Units" General-tab

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When editing a "Unit" under "Field Education" (Home > Field Education > Units > edit), if one attempts to change the current "City" field and clicks on "Save," then a white screen appears and, when the page is revisited, the "City" field has not changed.
This appeared during testing with Oleg, Rebecca and Theresa (7/17/2013).  It can be recreated by:
  1. Click on "Field Education"
  2. Click on "Units"
  3. Click on "Search"
  4. On the first returned record ("123 Test Agency for Demonstration"), click on "Edit"
  5. In the "City" field (under "Street Address"), type over "Chapel Hill" with another NC city (e.g., "Wilmington" or "Hillsborough" or "Mebane").
  6. Click on "Save".
  7. White screen appears.


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Version: 3.0
Created at 7/18/2013 2:42 PM by Larry Rosenfeld
Last modified at 8/19/2013 5:47 PM by Oleg Kapeljushnik