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Started: 11/16/2011 3:23 PM
Poornima Madhavan
Use of color and visualization techniques

Responding to Brian's latest e-mail regarding "why should engineers and scientists be worried about color". I teach a class on visual perception and color perception is part of it,so its certainly something that could be included in the "human dimensions" side. In the context of what we have so far, color and visualization could be relevant to communication if we examine colors and visualization techniques that are most convincing (but not alarming) to the viewer. Whether we go in this direction depends on what the big question is.

Posted: 11/17/2011 8:35 AM
Larry Atkinson
Is this topic key to answering the compelling question? I don't think so from my point of view. However I recall that often the worst flooding case is done in RED - interesting. 
Posted: 11/17/2011 4:41 PM
Brian Blanton
No, I don't think it's key for the pre-proposal, but may be at least second order in the full.